Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· martinseener
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Introduction on how to use shunit2 with Travis-CI


TDD or Test-Driven Development is the latest and greatest in recent software development history. And that's good for a reason.

But what has been missing for a long time are unit tests for our good old bash scripts. It's time for us to jump onto the bandwagon of tested software!

This post is one of a row of posts about testing bash scripts. In all posts i will use shunit2 as the testing framework and Travis-CI as the continius integration tool. In a later post i may show how to use shunit2 in conjunction with Jenkins as well.

For this small guide i assume that you already have a github account and some bash scripts you want to test as well as a free Travis-CI account for your github repositories. If not, follow this guide for intial setup.

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