Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· signalpillar

Share data between OS X and docker containers

UPD: Found the post which has link to the pre-built ISO image of boot2docker with VirtualBox Guest preinstalled. So the procedure is much more simpler then.

Found very cool article where author, Matthias Kadenbach, helped me a lot to configure sharing between Host OS and containers. Thanks.

There is one update from my side. Instructions in part of copying resulted ISO image from container don't work for me.

Here is my intermediate step to do that:

  • On my Host - OS X, start server process that listens for 9999 port and write all sent data to the file.
nc -l 9999 > boot2docker_built.iso
  • Login to boot2docker
boot2docker ssh
  • Copy from container
docker cp <Container-ID>:boot2docker.iso boot2docker.iso
  • Copy ISO file from VM to the OS X
nc <host-only-network-address> 9999 < boot2docker.iso