Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· dcunit3d

Search Coderwall From Command Line

To Save Time

Use Aliases and Functions to Perform Common Searches!

The Basic Idea

Add to your dotfiles:

# Search Coderwall by Tag:
#   Use `open` in OSX
#   Use `xdg-open` in Ubuntu
cwall() { open "https://coderwall.com/p/t/$1" }

Now you can search coderwall like this:

cwall awk

The Rest of the Gist

Can be found in this gist, where I also have functions for doing a site-wide coderwall search on google and other sites. All from the command line.

Honestly, there's probably better CLI tools from Google, but it's fun to roll you own scripts too.

Shameless Plug 4 My Dotfiles:

Also, check out my dotfiles for more examples of time saving functions and aliases.

My dotfiles project uses git submodules, so each functional unit can be a profile of sorts to be easily combined with your own dotfiles.

For example, all the aliases are in a single submodule repo. All the keyboard shortcuts are also in a single repo, covering Vim, Emacs, Bash, Zsh, and KeyRemap4MacBook.

Sourcing: Kevin Bost