Last Updated: January 03, 2018
· szymonkor

Complex apps in Polymer.js

It was a very good decision to bookmark this link: https://developers.google.com/web/showcase/case-study/lightsaber but even better one was to read it throughoutly.

Short summary, best quotes and best practices for those busier than me ;)

  • Polymer could help us keep the project organized while still allowing for low-level performance optimizations - cool remark. It was the issue I noticed when working with Angular 2: Am I ready for this level of abstraction?
  • Polymer does not force your project structure (well, no js framework does) but it is good to group files module-wise, not filetype-wise.
  • The modules have similar dependencies. You might use Bower to manage them. However, to avoid a duplication of dependencies we include a .bowerrc file in each element’s folder as well. This tells bower where to store dependencies so we can ensure there is only one at the end in the same directory
  • Cool scaffolding tool: http://slushjs.github.io/ I enjoyed this stuff. I am a huge fan of scaffolding and, generally speaking, huge fan of Convention Over Configuration.
  • Vulcanize https://github.com/polymer/vulcanize flattens the dependency tree into a single html file. Helpful when dealing with tens of components.
  • In Polymer, elements can be anything from a non-visual utility to small, standalone and reusable UI elements (like buttons) to bigger modules like “pages” and even composing full applications. - nice remark. I tend to perceive Polymer components as small UI components, while that's not necessarily the case!
  • The article covers also rendering techniques and some fancy effects applied in this demo: https://lightsaber.withgoogle.com/.

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Your links should be updated, some encoding issues.

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@saniko2, thanks!
Unfortunately, I cannot update them. Coderwall adds "rel=nofollow" automatically :O You can copy and paste links.
I notified coderwall support about the error.

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