Last Updated: December 27, 2017
· superboum

Fedora Project useful websites

The Fedora Project provides many website to track the creation of the different packages, but they are poorly referenced by Google.
Here are the most important links according to me:

  • Packages binaries: Packages allow you to search any binary package, view its version, its content, etc.
  • Packages sources: Pagure allow you to browse sources of every packages of the distribution.
  • Bug tracker: Fedora uses Red Hat instance of Bugzilla. To browse bugs, I highly recommend the use of the search button -> advanced search tab.
  • Security bugs: There is currently no standalone Security Tracker in Fedora (contrary to Ubuntu, Debian or Arch Linux). The given link points to a Red Hat's bugtracker. In each bug page, you'll (probably) find a link to a Fedora specific issue in the "Depends on" field of each bug. You can also use Bohdi to find security bugs, but that's not really convenient.

Other interesting links:

  • Bohdi: Show package updates that are currently under test
  • Koji: The fedora build system
  • Wiki: Some documentation about Fedora
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