Last Updated: March 15, 2019
· Reaver

MacOS Security

Most people think that Windows is more vulnerable than Mac. Well they are right. However, Mac still has many security issues that can allow attackers to spoof .png, .pdf, .txt and other file-name extensions. After getting access to your Mac attackers can get root privileges quite easily if you are a Terminal user who uses sudo or Homebrew. It is possible to spoof pop-up windows using apple-script in order to phish user's passwords. Lots of commercial adware, ransomeware, and spyware have been popping up around the web. Also, there has been some research into embedding javascript into images. So if you are a Mac user make sure to stay vigilant.
Many thanks to the following articles:
Commercial mac spyware:
Instead of using Empire for the trojan's payload, try eggshell:
Useful free tools for getting the backdoor's to connect to you over the web: