Last Updated: July 11, 2019
· Gujarish

Which cities (worldwide) have great iOS job markets for intermediate devs?


Hello everyone,,,
Are there any cities out there where, for some reason or another, iOS devs (intermediate level, like 2.5-3yrs experience) are highly sought after? I am talking mostly about international, as I (an American citizen) am currently living abroad in Asia and would prefer to stay abroad (but could be Europe or Asia). However, the city I'm in now (Bangkok), offers very few iOS opportunities for foreigners.
https://xvideos.onl/ https://xnxx.onl/ https://chaturbate.onl/
I'm open to returning to the USA too, but if possible would prefer somewhere outside California (long story short, California is very hard on expats' taxes, and I do plan long term to be an expat and I don't want to establish my domicile there for any period of time).

I seem to remember hearing a few years ago that Prague had a great iOS market, but things change fast so idk if it's still the case. Anyone have any good ideas?