Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· aguilarcarlos

How I can to protect my work in the freelance world?

About this article

Hi everyone, this I'm again with a new entry, now I'm gonna explain 'how we can protect our work of the wolves'. As a ninjas we must know how do it. Then I have collected some Agreements of which you could be interested, the validity of this documents maybe to be out, but they can be useful to build on them. Many words but now, let's get to work, if not this entry will become so bored.

All examples has been collected from Docracy, website dedicated to share legal advices for programmers. But Docracy doesn't replace to a lawyer, is always important check this documents with a Lawyer, because the laws can be different in your country.

Are you making up a new icon?

Are you developing a website with responsive design?

Are you just start a new design project?

Are you developing a small project with design and code?

Are you developing a big project with design and code?

Are you making up an UX project?

Are you making up an info graphic?

What about if others companies want to use out work?

Are you re designing a website?

Are you hiring a new developer/designer for a project?

Are you have hiring as 'freelance' for a company?

Are you developing mobile app?

What about if everything goes wrong?

This is a simplified version from Smashing.