Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· hckmar

ERR! installing ghost blog with nodejs on ubuntu

In my blogging experience trying to find an aesthetic and clean plataform, I met Ghost, and decided to test it.

Ghost haven't a server, so you need to install it on yours.

i'm using ubuntu 13.10, and already have installed nodejs, so I downloaded ghost source from their website Ghost:https://ghost.org/ and unzip it, after that I went to the terminal to typed next (of course in the directory where I decided to put the ghost folder):

npm install --production</code>

And this is when the problems starts, lots of npm ERR!, I thought it was my source or the folder directory, but nope!

so I decide to asking a friend, he told me it was version problem, but which version?, then I remembered that a few weeks ago I updated nodejs, yep it was that!, in the main page of ghost they said the ghost require nodejs v. 0.10 and I have v. 0.11.9-pre, yep I had forgotten that part...

I downgrade nodejs to v.0.10 and guest what?, it works!

npm start</code>

And I open in browser: and yep was working!

So be careful with versions and Keep Coding!