Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· dcunit3d

Use Hyper Key to Switch between Apps and Spaces

  • This feels great. No more Alt+Tab+Tab+Tab+ ...
  • Feels better than using Spotlight or GnomeDo

For Example:

Hyper+Backquote => Mission Control (All Applications)
Hyper+Tab => Mission Control (Current Application)
Hyper+1 => Go to Space 1
Hyper+2 => Go to Space 2
Hyper+F => Activate Finder
Hyper+C => Activate Chrome
Hyper+G => Activate Gmail
Hyper+T => Activate Terminal (iTerm)
Hyper+M => Activate Instant Messaging (iChat)

In Mac OSX



  • Download and Install
  • Edit "~/Library/Application Support/KeyRemap4MacBook/private.xml"
  • Add content of Gist
  • Simulate Hyper as Ctrl+Opt+Cmd+Shift


  • Create new Service
  • Add a Launch Application task to workflow
  • Select the application to launch
  • Make sure input is set to "No Input" instead of "Text"
  • Save and Name. Spaces are messy in service names
  • Rinse/Repeat for each application.
  • Not sure why something so simple needs to be so complicated.

Keyboard preferences

  • Click on Shortcuts
  • Select Services from the list of categories
  • Configure shortcuts for new Services
  • Found in preferences > keyboard > shortcuts > services > general
  • Pick a shortcut key

In Linux


May need to adjust keycodes to your hardware. So run xev from command line to get the correct keycodes.

  • Make sure Xmodmap is reference when X11 starts
  • Configure ~/.Xmodmap
  • Add content of Gist
  • Configure shortcuts

More Examples: