Last Updated: April 11, 2016
· szymonkor

Nested links in HTML & CSS tricks

SOURCE: https://speakerdeck.com/smashingmag/dirty-tricks-from-the-dark-corners-of-front-end
Just escape the nested link with <object> tag.

As you can test it on your own,
<a>this will <a>not work</a> as expected in the markup</a>
On the other hand
<a>This is a <object><a>way</a> to go</a>

I strongly recommend to get through all the slides above. Some things I didn't know:

  • you can use attr(alt) in content property in CSS
  • img tag can have object-fit property with "cover" or "contain" value.
  • currentColor value in CSS <3
  • mix-blend-mode
  • :lang(de), :not(lang(fr)) - bitsofco.de/2015/5-lesser-used-css-selectors