Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· tb

A comparison between Backbone, Ember and CanJS

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There are libraries to handle model-view bindings for backbone -,
Also, libraries like ease the pain of handling nested and collection views.
But that is the problem.. you have to use extensions to handle stuff that's built in if you use something like ember or angular. Of course, you can do that by yourself (writing the code to handle these limitations), but this leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

Ember.js is good and is getting better.
I don't know why you said that if forces you to pollute the global space with variables, because it doesn't.. you use namespaces (at least the way javascript handle namespaces).

Angular.js is very interesting indeed. But it's a new approach.. I want to stay away for a while to see how things flow.. I'm curios to see if angular.js is just a google experiment or something that might have a future.

I trust Yehuda for his rails and jquery role.. so Ember is a good choice for now.

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