Last Updated: May 04, 2019
· signalpillar

Better REPL in Lein

Found very cool toy and hope that it will become my tool

An Interactive Clojure repl, inspired by IPython.

I am using it via lein so installation is very simple just add a new plugin to the ~/.lein/profiles.clj

What is tasty

  • functions to explore code base
  • already imported prety print functions
  • input/output functions to interact with REPL itself

UPD 1 So far I have found that irepl doesn't start nrepl server and autocompletion doesn't work when, for instance I want to get it in the middle of incomplete expression`

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@runexec Interesting question because when I start lein repl it prints that nrepl server is started and REPL-y 0.1.10 i used. So seems like I use them both =)

In emacs I use nrepl client.

Regarding REPL-y see my update above

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