Last Updated: October 11, 2018
· tungtono

The best GUI on macOS for relational databases

I’ve been dealing with Postgres and MySQL and some others on a regular basis, so finding a good GUI is like making a good friend for life. There’s so many tools out there but let me note down some points from my own experience about this tool TablePlus that I considered the best GUI for relational databases.

TablePlus workspace
tl;dr: native build, supports multiple drivers, elegant UI, handy query editor, secure connection, multi-tabs/windows, code review, active development

First, if you’re working with MySQL only, Sequel Pro might be good enough for you. But if you’re working with more than one? TablePlus supports a lot of relational databases such as MySQL, Postgres, SQL Server, SQLite, Microsoft SQL Server…

Second, some other tools like Dbeaver also support mulitple databases but for me, the design is so complicated. TablePlus has a nice UI (it has dark theme) and its query editor is really handy, really convenient.

Third, considering some bigger tools that are feature-rich like Navicat, I click open the app and need to go for a walk while it gets up and running. It too heavy and memory consuming. TablePlus, with a native build, can start in less than a second.

Some other notable points: connection encryption to keep database secured, multi-tabs/windows, code review, plugin system, active development and quick support.

It’s currently only available on Mac, GitHub repo here

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oh god. this is what my old company used to control database connections. jdbc in development (tomcat) and jndi lookup everywhere else (websphere i think?). yes, we had to modify code to move to another environment! I couldn't explain this enough to my manager that this was a bad thing.

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DB Solo - let's you view the source of SP, functions, views with just a right click. Can edit data in the table previews. Can connect to multiple database systems. Displays all sources pretty much the same way - so you learn one, you learn them all.

I've used it for years and tried just about every other gui out there and I keep coming back to it - it truly is a FRIEND for life - I always have it.

But, There is one up-and-coming tool which looks very promising which I use: MS SQL Operations Studio - like VS Code - it is lightweight and sleek, and can have plugins made for it, but, still lacks so many of the features in DB Solo that I simply cannot part with DB Solo. But, out of all of the tools out there, I think MS SOS will be the only one to give DB Solo a challenge.

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Now days this application TablePlus is the best application for macros due to its new features and advantages and performance and it is best in the comparison of other applications like Sequel Pro and Navicat.

about 2 months ago ·

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