Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· dcunit3d

Shortcut to Open New Finder Window (OSX)

Why is this not simpler?

In Automator

  • Create new Service
  • Add a Run Applescript task to workflow
  • Make sure input is set to "No Input" instead of "Text"
  • Enter Script and Test
  • Save and Name. Spaces are messy in service names


on run {input, parameters}
    tell application "Finder"
        set new_window to make new Finder window
    end tell
end run

Keyboard Preferences

  • add new shortcut in preferences
  • under keyboard > shortcuts > services > general

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I'm confused. Why not just use the existing shortcut in Finder?

File > New Finder Window - (CMD+N)

over 1 year ago ·

it works when the finder application is closed or hidden. i searched, but didn't find anything similar to win+e

over 1 year ago ·

found it here:

there's also opt+cmd+space, which basically opens a new finder window

over 1 year ago ·

For me trying to map this service to an in-built system keyboard shortcut didn't work. So I used the utility KeyRemap4MacBook (which maybe mind you, was the cause of it). In my KeyRemap4MacBook's private.xml, I added the following code in the <root> section (before then hitting 'ReloadXML' in the app and ticking the added entry):

over 1 year ago ·