Last Updated: November 21, 2018
· 123aswin123

Potential Fix to Microsoft Exchange Email mobile login issues

Hello World,

This issue happened to me today and I spent around 20 minutes trying to find a Fix.

I was able to login to my University of Waterloo email account via the web browser by entering my WatIAM ID
and its password; But I was unable to login via my mobile.

To sync email on my mobile device to I tried to the steps from the University's website : "Using Exchange ( Connect ) on mobile devices". However when it came to logging in to the Uwaterloo exchange email account via an android device a roadblock hit me.

If you're reading this post, it is highly likely that you too are unable to login to your university's Microsoft exchange account on your phone.

The How to page on setting up an exchange account does not ask you to download the Microsoft Outlook android app, but you should download and install this app from the playstore.

Once the download is done, go to the settings menu in the Outlook app and hit on add account -> Email account -> Enter your email address.

Once you enter you email address and hit next, you'll see an option called advanced settings, enable this.

Here you'll find the the "Domain\Username" field. I misinterpreted this as the Domain or Username field and entered the username. Instead you must enter the <domain name > \ <user name> .

In my case the domain name is nexus, so I entered:
nexus\<my WatIAM ID>.

Adding the 'nexus\' before my WatIAM username logged me into the exchange email service in a jiffy

In hindsight I feel silly for missing out on the obvious details.

Disclaimer : This Post is relevant as on the 21st Of November 2018 and might become obsolete when Microsoft or Uwaterloo change their settings.