Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· martinseener

Hetzner Root-Server with Debian/KVM IPv4 and IPv6 Networking


Since the IPv4 address space is almost completely used up, the future protocol is IPv6 which has been around for lots of years already and it is highly recommended to at least enable it for your machines and use it in dual-stack mode - so your service or website is available in the old IPv4 internet as well in its IPv6 counterpart.

I've been working with IPv6 for 6 years already - started with an IPv6 Tunnel from Hurricane Electric (They offer free IPv6 certification by the way!) over a SixXS Tunnel to native IPv6 with the latest KabelDeutschland modem firmware update. Also some years ago i started to use dual-stack IP for the first customer servers (mostly single purpose Root-servers or vServers from Hetzner or JiffyBox/Domainfactory). Later i'm going to migrate most smaller virtual customer machines to my larger Root-server machines which i can maintain better than any single vServer.

The largest problem i encountered was not setting up dual-stack for the Server itself - that was the easy part - but to enable it also for every single virtual machine, so that the customers servers had their own IPv4 and IPv6 address - globally routed of course.

This was the largest problem because i did not find any complete tutorials - so this is why i wrote this one. I think there are a lot more people around who are searching for the same answers. So here they are.