Last Updated: February 14, 2019
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3 simple SEO tips for HTML templates that can work wonders

SEO can be a deep black hole of mystery and intrigue, but getting the basics right can help a ton. I wrote up a whole guide on 3 simple tips moving companies can do to improve their SEO for my MovingCompanyReviews.com site, but here's the quick and dirty on it.

3 simple SEO optimizations to get your pages ranking.

1. Set your title tags to the 1-2 keywords you want to rank for

The title tag tells Google what your page is about. Use a tool like ahrefs.com (paid) or other keyword tool to find keywords with the best search volume. Ahrefs will also tell you the difficulty of ranking on page 1 for a given keyword. Use SEOReviewTools.com (free) to check your title tag for length, etc. For example, if your homepage is about your killer natural language processor service, a good title tag could be:

<title>Natural Language Processor API | MyAmazingCompany.com</title>

Simple yes, but you'd be surprised how many sites don't do this well.

2. Make your meta description grab Google searches and convince them to come to your page

Google watches the click-through-rate of its search results carefully (more info). The meta description tag tells google what to show as the summary of your search result:
2018-11-09 at 11.14 AM.png

Here's how to do this:
* google your desired term
* look who ranks well
* examine the summaries that come up and pick some that grab you
* write your own that you like better and that you think other google searchers will find more interesting

3. If your page contains structured data (address, recipe, author, etc.) then use Google's Structure data markup

In the mover blog post I recommended putting the moving company's address and phone on their website, but the broader strategy is to use Google's structured data markup whenver possible. Google rewards this and does cool things in search results to give you more visibility. You can find all of the schemas on Schema.org, but here's an example of a product:

  <!-- http://multivarki.ru?filters%5Bprice%5D%5BLTE%5D=39600 -->
    <img alt="Photo of product" src="http://img01.multivarki.ru.ru/c9/f1/a5fe6642-18d0-47ad-b038-6fca20f1c923.jpeg" />
    <a href="http://multivarki.ru/brand_502/">
      <span>BRAND 502</span>
      <span>4399 р.</span>


Do these three things on your public facing app pages and enjoy the free SEO traffic that flows your way. And (shameless plug) if you're looking for movers in Phoenix, Baltimore, Dunwoody or anywhere else, check out MovingCompanyReviews.com.

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