Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· lukom

Save "Phothos of me" from Vkantakte

UPD. I have created vk app for saving all vk photos with several clicks https://vk.com/app4348249_2617698

Here is a script that can save "Photos of me" from vkantakte to your PC. Steps:

  • lauch chrome (not sure if script is working in other browsers), go to your VK page
  • click on "Photos of me" under profile pic, scroll to the bottom of page
  • press Crtl+Shift+I to open chrome developer tools, press Esc to open javascript console
  • paste this code and press enter:
var links = document.getElementsByClassName("pva_photo_link");
for(var i = 0; i < links.length; ++i) { 
    var str = links[i].onclick + "";
    var part1 = str.match(/"base":"([^"]*)/)[1];
    var m = str.match(/"z_":."([^"]*)/);
    if (!m) m = str.match(/"y_":."([^"]*)/);
    if (!m) m = str.match(/"x_":."([^"]*)/);
    var part2 = m[1];
    console.log(part1 + part2 + ".jpg");
  • copy all console output into new file, name it photos_of_me.html
  • open firefox, install extension "DownThemAll"
  • press Ctrl+O and choose recently saved file, click "Open"
  • right+click on the page to open context menu and choose "DownThemAll"
  • choose folder where you want to save all photos and press "Start!"

Thats all, cheers! ,)