Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· dcunit3d

[0-9] <=> [!@#$%^&*()] ===> Swap your Digits and Symbols!

Or ...

"How I Learned to Stop Shifting and Love the Shell"

K, here's the deal. I like working in the shell and I like using regexps, but boy do I detest hitting that shift key! Totally interrupts my flow quite honestly.

I've been experimenting alot with different keyboard layouts and I've found one that I really like. I've uploaded my keyboard layouts into my dotfiles on Github. Check 'em out!

The keymaps are in the KeyRemap4MacBook folder. I've included all my key bindings in one repo, so it could be forked or shared almost like a profile.

Function Keys? Consumer Keys?

Who needs 'em?


Here I've set my "Consumer" Keys to be my digits and my digits to be symbols, so I don't need to hit shift. Email @ddresses and Twitter #Hashtags are now loads more fun to type, as are exclamation points!

I first tried it the other way around, with my Consumer Keys set to my symbols, but there were 2 problems here:

  1. I use symbols more often, so I want them closer!
  2. It wasn't different enough to force me to use the new layout.

Of course, I can still hit my Function Keys and Consumer Keys if I want to! I guess you'll just have to read my KeyRemap XML to find out how.

But why?

Because, as a programmer, when do you really need to type digits?
- indexes
- filenames
- hmmmm

And when you type digits, you will typically type more than one. Which is great, because your hands are already there! But when you type symbols, you're constantly bouncing around the keyboard. And that pesky Shift Key is always harshin' my flow.

Try it out!

Let me know if you have any suggestions!