Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· excitedubai

How to know if a website uses Rails

Sometimes we want to know, what tech stack a website uses. Say facebook, it uses PHP in it's tech stack. Most websites nowadays use Rails (atleast I think so). We can easily find out if a website uses Rails, with a simple client-side check.

Open your the built in JavaScript Console, in your browser, and then type:-


If the command returns a JavaScript Object, the site uses Rails. We know this because of the JavaScript library, Rails comes with, rails.js. It is built of jQuery, which is why it uses the $ sign. All rails apps, use rails.js as a dependency, so if you ever see it on a site, it is most likely that specific site is a Rails app.You can test it on Coderwall itself! (yes, Coderwall is a rails app).

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I wonder if websites will go out of their way to obfuscate this information (it's not 100%, but security through obscurity is helpful). I'm almost positive GitHub uses rails and this trick doesn't work.

over 1 year ago ·

but why in github it's show undefined

over 1 year ago ·