Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· waynedenier

Going back to NextDocumentWindow with ctrl+tab in VS 2012

The new default for crtl+tab behavior in Visual Studio is to bring up a window prompting you with recent documents, allowing you to select a document and press enter to open it. I actually preferred the old way, where crtl+tab instantly opens the previous (next) document and holding crtl and pressing tab multiple times goes through the stack. Here's how to change back...

  • Go to Tools > Options
  • In the left nav choose Environment > Keyboard
  • Search in 'Show commands containing:' for 'Window.NextDocumentWindow'
  • Select 'Window.NextDocumentWindow' in the results
  • Go to the 'Press shortcut keys:' and press crtl+tab
  • Click 'Assign'
  • Click 'OK'
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For the curious, the new command is the similarly named Window.NextDocumentWindowNav.

over 1 year ago ·