Last Updated: May 24, 2019
· tusharprajapati

An insight into your website’s backend

Ever wondered what happens in the background when you try to access a webpage or update your password? It is a combined contribution of the Server-side scripting languages, Server, database and API that does the work. The server-side scripting languages communicate between the user, server and database to develop back-end applications. In the browser front-end scripts like Angular and JavaScript makes it available for the users.

While server-side scripts send a request to server, process and return requested data, database manages your applications’ data. All the communications between the server and Application are achieved through APIs.

PHP, Python, Ruby, C#, and Java are some of the most popular server-side languages that are extensively used by web development companies. Node JS development services amongst other frameworks like ASP.Net, Net Core, Ruby on Rails and Django are famous for simplifying the development process. Indeed backend development holds a paramount significance in the development phase.

Source: https://www.techavidus.com/blogs/back-end-web-development-technology