Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· signalpillar

clj-http, headers in lower case

My pet project uses clj-http for communication with application running on Microsoft IIS. The problem I found using clj-http is in "lower-cased" names of HTTP headers.

From other side I have successful model of communication - another client that sends requests without any additional transformation in headers and it works! My query is different from former only in case of header names.

  • I saw that header name is case-insensitive, but this is just a RFC
  • clj-http is just a wrapper around Apache library, but the Internet is silent about similar issues.

So far, I have asked at github clj-http project, maybe they know workaround.

Hope I will find some solution in the nearest time or maybe You can suggest something ? ;)

UPD: At github I have got help and suggested to use newly added marco with-middleware