Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· zemke

AngularJS $resource Population

A profile entity might have a userId attribute. Let’s say you fetch a profile and don’t only want the id of the user the profile belongs to, but the whole user object. How would you populate it neatly? That’s what I came up with:

  .factory('Profile', function ($resource, User) {
    return $resource('/user/:userId/profile', {
      userId: '@userId'
    }, {
      list: {
        interceptor: {
          response: function (res) {
            if (!res.data) {
              return res.data;

            for (var i in res.data.profiles) {
              (function (i) {
                User.get({userId: res.data.profiles[i].userId}, function (user) {
                  res.data.profiles[i]._user = user;
            return res.data;

One advantage is that the factory and its $resource take care of the job. Accessing modules keep being decoupled. Also no bloated controllers or services.

What do you think of it? Any better ideas? Happy to see. 👀

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