Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· dcunit3d

Use Bit.ly to count clicks on Tweets & Blogposts!

Why use Bit.ly?

Always use Bit.ly!

This may have been obvious to others for some time, but I never really understood bit.ly, until I realized you can measure the response to a particular Tweet or Blogpost. So when you log into bit.ly, you can view the number of clicks per link you posted!!

OMFG this is amazing! For Reals!

It's not perfect.

There's only ever one bit.ly link generated per-url, so if you know that bit.ly has been posted elsewhere on the internet, then you can't depend on it to be accurate.

But if you're creative

Then you can find a way to measure the response to a post. That new coderwall protip you just wrote, for a relevant example. lol

Yo Dawg

I heard you like protips. So I bitly'd this protip from within the same protip, so you can protip while you protip. Protip!

In other coderwall protips

I write a gist, which I know is unique and will probably only be referenced from within my own protip. That way i can look at the link and determine how many people clicked it.

Like this! Luckily, i used gist-region in emacs, so I didn't actually waste that much time.

Marketing much?

Not exactly a technical developer protip, per se. But it's definitely useful.

There's also a "next level" to this protip, but I'm not going to tell you. Think about it for a minute, how can we improve this technique to measure response?