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I fiddle the code mostly at make=design
I fiddle the code mostly
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thanks for great comment, and also cool class,, this simplehtmldom looks great!


And for compatibility with all browsers before using Object.keys() call this:

if (!Object.keys) Object.keys = function(o) {
    if (o !== Object(o))
        throw new TypeError('Object.keys called on a non-object');
    var k = [],
    for (p in o)
        if (, p)) k.push(p);
    return k;
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I agree with article in general and great info, thanks, but I still think it's a overhead..

I just use default bootstrap compiled css and just load custom css after .. that's it!

I do not like meesing around less .. or sass cose it just ruins my workflow tremendously, even do I like it so much!!!


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