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Posted to Using Laravel with WebFaction over 1 year ago

Hi @cjilitch

That's because I recently changed the software my blog is using. Check out the new link here:

@satya61229 Yes, I am aware of Thanks for the comment though :)

@michd That and serialized data using serialize() sometimes doesn't actually unserialize correctly - an issue I've faced in the past several times.

Either way, a properly normalized and planned DB shouldn't technically include serialized data at all...

@kpobococ Yeah, anything that angers Google is best avoided if you wish for success.

@kpobococ It is kind of and Google may well even penalise for it (they don't like hiding stuff and only showing it for crawlers after all).

@kpobococ Not that I know of. What you could do is use the above code and simple hide it using CSS:

.breadcrumb {
    display: none;
Posted to Chaining methods in PHP over 1 year ago

@etienne Good point, I hadn't thought about mentioning the real name.

Super useful function. Been using something similar but a bit less clean my self.

@nostalgia That is a good deal easier... My method allows you to remove multiple items IIRC though. I picked it up a while ago.

Posted to High Performance MySQL with Percona over 1 year ago

Any stats on how this compares to MaRIADB? I've been using Maria for quite a while locally and used it on my VPS when I was running one.

Posted to Securing memcached servers over 1 year ago

@nmalcolm Fair enough, I'll take your word for it then.

Posted to Securing memcached servers over 1 year ago

@nmalcolm Fair enough, but how often do you restart your webserver or PHP process in all honesty? I've never ran any sites of any kind of scale but I seriously doubt many go round restarting services too often.

Posted to Securing memcached servers over 1 year ago

@nmalcolm APC can be used to do both. Memcached is only really suitable for multiple server setups - or so I was told by the owner of Digital Point.

Posted to Securing memcached servers over 1 year ago

Nice share Nathan. I don't tend to use memcached much as I prefer just sticking with APC.

Posted to PDO Persistent Connection over 1 year ago

Great tip! Surprisingly I didn't even know this existed so thanks a ton.

Posted to Block spammers automatically in nginx over 1 year ago

Way to steal my content ;P

Posted to Ubuntu server essentials over 1 year ago

Missed the key first step:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

It's all well and good installing stuff but the first step should always be to update your sources and packages when stating on a new machine of any kind.

Posted to Multi-threading in PHP over 1 year ago

Great find Nathan! Should be useful when I'm writing basic importers and functions to hammer through thousands of pieces of data.

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