API and Badge Hacks

Profile API

Coderwall exposes a simple JSON representation of every profile. To access it, make an HTTP GET request to your profile URL (https://coderwall.com/username) but append .json to the end, like so:

$ curl https://coderwall.com/username.json

If you'd like to use JSONP(<%= link_to "what is JSONP?", "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JSONP" %>)instead, append a callback paramater to the end of your request:

$ curl https://coderwall.com/username.json?callback=someMethod

Here's an example JSONP response:

Official blog badge

If you'd like, you can add show off your achievements on your blog or personal site just byincluding a little bit of code (jQuery-only at the moment). To integrate it, just includethe requisite JS and CSS on your blog or web page.

The data-coderwall-username attribute is required in order for the script to figureout whose badges to retrieve. data-coderwall-orientation is optional (defaultis vertical) but it helps it make some styling choices depending on where you'd like to placethe widget.

In this particular case, I've used a bit of CSS to get the badges placed in just the right spot:

Dev Hacks

This is a showcase of the cool hacks and tools developers are building around Coderwall.If you use coderwall in something you do, drop us a line atsupport@coderwall.comor tell us about iton Twitter.